Weapon technology

CLP System AB has been developing and selling Break-Free/BorCap Weapon Maintenance for over 25 years now. The Break-Free CLP and SMX have together with the Bor-Cap method provided maintenance at such a high level that NATO MIL-specifications and QualifiedProductList (QPL) use CLP as a standard abbreviation.

High quality combined with consideration to people and environment are some of the reasons for the great success! Today the assortment consists of many different complementary products, e.g. Kleen-Bore, B-Square, Milfoam etc. Vibrating Pneumatic Bore Brushes (VPBB) are driven by compressed air and make cleaning easier and more efficient. For caliber 20mm to 155mm.

Each of them very successful within its field, and together they are an unbeatable combination for those who appreciate efficiency and high quality!


Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding our selection of weapon technology products and services.


Pneumatic and electric equipment for gun tube maintenance.


Complete cleaning kits for easy and efficient weapon maintenance.


Bore mapping with laser sensors for exact and quantitative information on weapon condition!


Synthetic, multi-purpose oil for efficient maintenance. BREAK-FREE cleans, displaces water, helps loosen stuck parts, lubricates and protects from rust.

BCS – Bore Control System

Bore system for exact measurement of internal diameter of lands and grooves in bores with a diameter from 20mm to 155mm.