Forensic technology

PROJECTINA, NIK Public Safety, LIGHTNING POWDER, IDENTICATOR, EVI-PAQ, ODV and many more… Now distributed by CLP System AB!

With over 3,000 products, FORENSICS SOURCE™ is one of the worlds largest sources of Crime Scene Investigation supplies, equipment and information. Since 2008 CLP System AB is one of FORENSICS SOURCEs international sales specialists.

Everything from evidence bags and drug tests to DNA-centrifuges is now available through us. For a complete and updated product list please check the FORENSICS SOURCE website by clicking the banner below. Note that the prices on the website are not corresponding – for up-to-date prices please contact CLP System AB.


Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding our selection of forensic technology products and services.


High quality products for examining and verifying documents and securing evidence.

Forensic Sourse

Premier provider of supplies and equipment for professionals in forensics, crime scene investigation, law enforcement, criminal justice and corporate security.


Providers of high quality forensic equipment & services to support forensic science investigation


Manufacture high-quality criminal investigation, tactical, surveillance, and other police-related solutions including customized special purpose vehicles.

LOCI Forensic B.V.

In 2000 Loci Forensics B.V. was founded by 2 forensic crime scene investigators ( Martin and René ). Together they have over 55 years extensive experience in this field. This has led to new, innovative products such as Forensic Sil, FAB-Swab, DNA-Stub, DNA-Free Casing Container, DNA-Free Evidence Container and Lumiscene.