Vehicle technology

For several years CLP System AB has provided the market with new and unique technology for vehicles. Whether you are a everyday civilian motorist or out in the toughest of terrains and environments – we have the solution for you!

Within our Vehicle Technology segment we offer solutions that will solve even the most common problems, but also ways to prevent them from even happening. Preventive work is an important part of our solution and we want to show you the profits it can lead to. For the everyday motorist it can mean that the car starts in pressured situations. For utility, emergency or military vehicles it can be making sure that the vehicle runs at all times, not being hindered by a flat tire or a run out battery. Something that in worst case scenarios could lead to disastrous consequences. By preventing unforeseen events you will save both time and money.

CLP works with leading companies in preventive and protective vehicle technology. Supplying knowledge and state of the art solutions for your every need.


Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding our selection of vehicle technology products.

Odyssey batteries

High quality batteries with phenomenal starting power and massive deep cycle reserve power.


Runflat technology makes sure your vehicle is moving at all times, to get you through any situation.