Bore mapping with laser sensors for exact and quantitative information on weapon condition!

Mapping equipment från LTC (Laser Techniques Company) use laser profiling sensors, which provide a superior alternative to conventional gauges. The Tube Inspection System provides high-resolution non-contact 3D maps and LaserVideo-images (near photographic quality) of the otherwise difficult-to-access inner surfaces of tubes, pipes and high length-to-diameter aspect parts.

Bore mapping results are provided in several operator-friendly formats, including:

  • Contour view display of the full bore length
  • Cross sectional display of the bore at any axial location
  • 3D Image
  • Tabular summary, which you can export to Excel or other applications

The information provided is quantitative, and you can at any time access older information and make comparisons in order to discover erosion, corrosion or other changes.

Available for bore sizes 5.56 mm – 155 mm.